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Abbot Joseph’s Marvelous Reflections

More Selections from Word Incarnate

Prepare the Way, Again

The Light of Christ our Savior

Treasure in Heaven

Come Home to the Catholic Church

Authentic Christian Discipleship

Even in trying times, we can't cast aside innocent life

Death, where is thy victory?

Moral teachings of the Church are in accord with human dignity

Faith vs. Works

To Be Fully Pro-life Requires A Mind Like Christ's

Called to Heaven (under Thoughts)

Ultimately a Life is a Life

Affirming a Culture of Life Together

If You Would be Perfect (under Faith)

Whatsoever You Do

The Fundamental Reproductive Right Is the Right to Be Born


Reaping the Whirlwind of Abortion

When God Asks Us

Time's Up (under Faith)

His Face Shone Like the Sun (under Faith)

Reverence for Life

Children Deserve Birth

The Things We Say When We Sing!

Compendium of the Catholic Catechism

Affirmation of Faith

Becoming a Catholic

God Bless America - Please! (under Thoughts)

Peter, Paul, the Church, and You (under Faith)

Wise Maidens (under Thoughts)

The End (under Thoughts)

You Stood By Me (under Faith)

On Evangelization

Filling Their Pews

All the Words of God (under Faith)

Unrepentant (under Faith)

Repentance (under Faith)

Word Incarnate ~ Home (under Faith)

From Our Bishops

Called to... Suffer (under Faith)

Count It All Joy (under Faith)

Pro-Life Action Calls

Way of the Cross (under Faith)

There is but one Owner of the World

Sidewalk Counseling

Keep The Faith (under Faith)

The Church of Christ

In memory of Pope John Paul II (in Pope John Paul the Great)

Hope vs. Despair (under Thoughts)

More Fundamental Difficulties? (under Thoughts)

More On The Annunciation (in Our Lady)

On The Annunciation (in Our Lady)

The Poverty of Prosperity (under Thoughts)

Bread From Heaven (under Faith)

A New Day

Daily Mass Readings (under Faith)

Jesus Decoded (under Faith)


Vultures of Death (under Thoughts)

Get Me to Heaven! (under Faith)

Meeting Christ in the Liturgy (under Faith)

Hospices – A Trojan horse for covert euthanasia?

What is Prayer? (under Prayer)

Prayer Before Holy Mass

Hardened Hearts (under Faith)

Queen of Peace

The Little Ones (under thoughts)

The Call of the Gospel (under Faith)


More Prayers (under Prayer)

Litany of Loreto (in Our Lady)

Meditations on the Litany of Loreto (in Our Lady)

Fatima (in Our Lady)

Christ in the Eucharist (under Faith)

Sanctity of Life

Gospel of Life

Prayer for Unborn Babies and their Mothers

Prayer for the Helpless Unborn

A Sign in the Sky?

Pope John Paul the Great

Being Catholic

Holy Sacrifice

Calvary in Pinellas Park

Intercessor (in Pope John Paul the Great)

What Abortion Really Is (no graphic images)

Human Lives, Human Rights

The Holy Spirit and Grace

The Sacrament of Confirmation

32 Years and counting

Ideology As Religion

On the tsunami tragedy

Pro-life Educational Resources

Responding to His Call to Love

On Peace

America’s Greatness

Gospel of Life

I Am God


Triumph (in Our Lady)

Blessed Trinity


Slippery Slope

Peace Prayer

Community of Believers

Luminous Mysteries


The Teaching of Jesus Christ

Path to Sainthood

A Call to Alms

Medjugorje (in Our Lady)

Holy Spirit

Holy Bible

Catholicism Lite (under Faith)

Private Revelation (in Our Lady)

A House of Prayer

My Way / God's way

Seat of Wisdom (in Our Lady)


A Childs Plea